The technology of the PowerBoxTM

Passion and commitment towards the industrial field and the environment

Are you familiar with the technology behind the intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly PowerBox Hybrid? With the PowerBoxTM, Les Systèmes Mobiltech is aiming for the furthest efficiency threshold and one of the most advanced energy-saving technology. The PowerBoxTM system is versatile because it produces:

  • Compressed air,
  • DC power to provide energy to the auxiliary batteries,
  • An alternating current from an inverter to the hybrid system
  • And alternating current with a high capacity generator for intensive work.

Depending on the model, this system has a circuit for hydraulic tooling and a forced air heater which can produce between 7 000 to 85 000 BTU of heat output, which allows you to turn off your engine carrier by heating up the workspace. It is unique, patented, and possesses the required capacity to get the tools to operate.

The charging of the battery is provided by a diesel or gasoline engine, whose power is calibrated by taking into consideration the work output needed to be produced. To illustrate, the power used is then reduced by 5 to 10 times when compared to that of an engine carrier which works at high speed.

One of a kind, the PowerBoxTM manages its own stop and start as and when required. Still unrivaled, it is compact and designed to be installed in the compartment of a box truck, a monocoque truck or any other such model. Its versatility is designed to meet even the most demanding power requirements of large-scale utility services such as public works and municipal services and mining, construction and civil infrastructures, maritime transport, railway transport industries…

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