Mobiltech Power Systems offers a wide variety of shelving to outfit the interior of your commercial vans and trucks. Ranger Design’s shelves will meet your needs while being:

  • Ergonomic and lightweight – Adjustable and made of
    quality aluminum.
  • Secure – Track systems equipped with support straps.
  • Robust – Can support up to 65 lbs. per linear foot..
  • Silent – Designed to minimize vibration during transport.

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Shelves for all Truck Types

Ranger Design shelves allow you to work more efficiently, as they adapt to your needs and all commercial vehicle types. The shelves are versatile and suitable for all types of trades, with:

  • Deep compartments for a greater volume of cargo.
  • Adjustable partitions.
  • Shelves with units that close.
  • Compartmentalized shelves.
  • Rounded contours to fit the shape of your truck and minimize how much space they take up.

Mobiltech Power Systems: robust, safe and effective products designed for professionals.

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