Specialized vehicles Outfit and installation of hybrid auxiliary power systems for efficiency at work.

Needs and advice

Good decision is essential to maximize the limited space of a service vehicle. The expertise of our staff can help you understand the particularity of products that we offer. It can allow you to make the most of the investment of a vehicle. Our consultants can also help you achieve a complete design drawings before it’s done.


The best guarantee is the one proposed by professional installers . The projects effectively, safe and high quality are guaranteed by our specialized technicians. In our Blainville workshop , we execute as needed, all projects within a satisfactory period. So you can focus your efforts on your expertise and let our experienced staff, take care of your vehicle to meet your expectations.

Hybrid System

Patented in the United State and Canada, Our PowerBox hybrid systems allow to use the necessary power (electric, pneumatic and hydraulic) in hybrid mode. No need to let the motor run continuously. In this way, it’s now possible to meet existing regulations in many workplaces and municipalities.

Our PowerBox Systems

Fabrication spécialisée

In addition to offering a full range of products and accessories development, we can conceptualize and produce customized products.

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Vehicle identification

Lettering is an unequal advertising solution to promote your products and services. By lettering your vehicle, you will stand out everywhere you go, at all times. Take advantage of the installation time at our facility to display your colours and leave your mark every time you go anywhere!

Vehicle lettering then becomes a symbol and strengthens the bonds between the company and the client who recognizes the vehicle. We guarantee a long lasting result, done by a team of professionals who only use quality materials that are adapted to weather conditions.

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